Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Fayette County for our client, even though we acknowledged negligence in causing the subject accident. Our client rear-ended a U.S. Postal truck and the plaintiff ultimately underwent surgery to both his neck and back. Paul argued that the plaintiff had pre-existing degeneration in his spine and that there was no evidence that the plaintiff’s condition worsened due to the subject accident.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in a second trial of the same wrongful death case after it was moved to Gwinnett County from Forsyth due to dismissal of the Forsyth County defendant. Our client was traveling west on Highway 20 in Cumming, Georgia, when she turned left into a parking lot. She did not see or hear the Forsyth County deputy sheriff approaching from behind her on his motorcycle with his siren engaged prior to turning left. Several experts were used in this case, and one of the experts that we retained testified to the inaudibility of sirens under similar conditions. The plaintiff requested $5.4 million from the jury, but after 6 days of trial, a defense verdict was returned.