Nikolai Makarenko, Jr., Esq. obtained a verdict for $6,900.00 in Cobb County after the plaintiff declined a settlement offer of $90,000.00 issued prior to retention of Groth & Makarenko, LLC. Our client acknowledged negligence in causing the subject accident, but the plaintiff declined a very generous settlement offer and decided to take her chances at trial. Nik argued at trial that the plaintiff was not as badly injured as she claimed, and the jury awarded her less than 10% of the pretrial settlement offer.

Nikolai Makarenko, Jr., Esq. obtained a verdict for $7,700.00 in Forsyth County, representing a mere 10% of the plaintiff’s claimed medical bills and nothing for pain and suffering. Our client acknowledged responsibility for the accident but denied that the cervical surgery the plaintiff received was related to the accident. Though the plaintiff presented evidence of past medical expenses totaling $77,000.00 and lost wages of $41,000.00, the jury only deliberated for 2 1/2 hours before returning a verdict consistent with Nik’s defense of the case.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Gwinnett County, and the jury asked whether it could award our client his attorney fees and costs for being sued in a car accident wherein he admitted that the accident was his fault! The plaintiff did not complain of any injuries at the scene of the accident, but claimed that she needed surgery to her neck and back due to the accident. Paul argued that the impact was not hard enough to cause these injuries and her complaints pre-existed this accident. Obviously, the jury agreed.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Gwinnett County wherein our client rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle, but the plaintiff’s vehicle showed little to no visible property damage. The plaintiff claimed that his persistent low back pain that radiated into his left leg was caused by the accident, and his neurosurgeon, who performed his low back surgery, confirmed his claims. However, not believing that the plaintiff proved his case, the jury deliberated for less than 1 hour before returning a defense verdict.

Nikolai Makarenko, Jr., Esq. obtained a verdict in Cherokee County for less than 1/2 of what had been offered prior to trial. Our client was returning home from a dinner date and admitted that she had consumed 2 beers. She ran a red light and hit the plaintiffs’ vehicle. However, she was very apologetic and asked the police officer several times if the plaintiffs were injured and admitted that the accident was completely her fault. This was her first DUI and she pled guilty and quickly completed all of her punishment imposed by the State. Nevertheless, the 3 plaintiffs argued that they should each be awarded more than $100,000.00 due to our client’s conduct. After Nik was able to impeach the plaintiffs on key points in their claims for injury, the jury decided not to award any punitive damages against our client.