March 1, 2022 – Partner Jay Eidex secured a defense verdict this week in a trial in the State Court of Cobb County.  This suit arose out of a 2015 accident which was a low impact rear-end collision. The Plaintiff was in Atlanta looking at houses and riding with her realtor when the incident occurred. The Defendant was at fault and cited for following too closely.

Plaintiff made complaint of injury at the scene but refused EMS. She then presented three days later to the ER in Destin, FL where she went on vacation following the accident. She then returned to Ohio where she lived and presented for PT almost 2 months later. She then had another 5 month gap and presented to a chiropractor in Marietta for almost 30 visits. Her medical bills totaled roughly $12,000. Plaintiff demanded $20,000 prior to trial.

In closing, Plainitff’s counsel asked the jury to return a verdict of $25,000 and Mr. Eidex requested a defense verdict.  The jury deliberated for less than an hour and rendered a defense verdict.

The case is Shelly Del Pinto v. Neidalyn Ulmer

State Court of Cobb County, CAFN: 17-A-1417