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Attorney Jay Eidex Secures Defense Verdict in Rockdale County


May 28, 2019 – Attorney Jay Eidex tried a case in the State Court of Rockdale County. The Plaintiff alleged that the accident was caused by the Defendant following too close and struck the Defendants car in the rear. The Plaintiff and Defendant were turning left when traffic started moving forward but unexpectedly stopped and the defendant was unable to stop and avoid striking the Plaintiff in the rear. The Defendant was cited for following too close.

At the trial the Plaintiff testified that they did not have any complaints of injury and no ambulance was called to the scene. However, after the accident the Plaintiff began to feel pain and went to a chiropractor where they were treated for three months. It was revealed that the Plaintiff had prior automobile accidents, and in all cases the Plaintiff had similar complaints of injury and treatment.

The Plaintiff asked the jury to award their medical bills and lost wages. Mr. Eidex asked the jury for a defense verdict. After deliberating for a short period of time, the jury awarded a defense verdict.