November 2017 – State Court of Hall County

Claiming medical injuries to the ulnar nerve in the elbow and median nerve in the wrist were a result of an automobile accident with the Defendant, the Plaintiff presented a Hall County jury with a request for reimbursement of $71,140.00 in medical bills plus a multiple of that amount for pain and suffering.

The Plaintiff introduced deposition testimony of his surgeon who had performed surgeries on both areas for nerve entrapment. An additional rotator cuff surgery was performed about 1 ½ years later

Defense attorney Paul Groth took the evidentiary deposition of Dr. Daniel Cobb of Gainesville Neurology, EMG, who concluded ulnar entrapment around the left elbow, moderate to severe and mild to moderate ulnar and median neuropathy at the wrist.  However, Attorney Groth argued that Diabetes (which the plaintiff had) could be an explanation for the neuropathies, as it is the most common, non-trauma cause for the condition.  Dr. Cobb and the jury agreed.

Deliberating for less than 2 hours, the jury returned a verdict in the amount of $2,066.00 – the amount of the ER bill.