Jackson State Court:  Plaintiffs demanded $960,000 prior to trial but a Jackson County jury only awarded them $139,490.  Nik represented a truck driver and his employer in a crash involving the Plaintiff and his son that took place 9 years ago.  The employee was driving a tractor trailer when he crossed the center line and stuck the Plaintiff’s pickup truck two times.  The driver had moved away and was not present at trial but liability was admitted so the issues for the jury were causation and damages.  The Plaintiff sought to recover past medical expenses, pain and suffering damages and although he did not present a specific lost wage claim, he has not returned to work since this wreck.   Following the wreck the Plaintiff claimed injury to his neck, back, right shoulder and headaches.  He was set to have shoulder surgery but when he tried to get this done it was determined that he had a serious heart issue and he had to undergo open heart surgery.  This was unrelated to the wreck but complicated his claim as he could now not return to work and was not able to have the recommended surgery and thus he continues to suffer from ongoing pain in his shoulder.


Forsyth Superior Court:  In another case of admitted liability, the Plaintiff did not convince a jury that her need for knee and back surgery was related to this wreck and only recovered $30,000.  The elderly Plaintiff had prior issues with these body parts but claimed that the need for surgery was due to this wreck.  The Defendant admitted that she turned left in front of the Plaintiff and thus the trial proceeded on the issues of causation and damages.  At trial the Plaintiff requested an award somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000 with claimed medical bills in excess of $133,000.  The jury felt that her initial treatment was reasonable and awarded her an amount that they felt would allow her to pay her doctor and attorney.  The Plaintiff was offered $100,000 prior to trial.