January 8, 2020 – Partner Jay Eidex tried a case in the State Court of Cobb County arising out of a an accident that occurred on I-75.  The facts of the accident were disputed at trial.  The Plaintiffs contended that the Defendant failed to maintain his lane, striking another vehicle an causing his vehicle to spin striking other vehicles. Plaintiffs then contends that their vehicle was struck.  The Defendant agrees that he lost control of his vehicle and that it spun striking multiple vehicles, however, he contended that he was first struck by a John Doe or unknown driver which caused him to lose control of his car.    One Plaintiff claimed medical bills totaling approximately $20,000.  Another Plaintiff claimed medical bills totaling approximately $4,300.  The third Plaintiff was asserting a claim for loss of consortium.

At trial, the Plaintiffs called no witnesses to corroborate their account of the accident and they admitted they had not seen the Defendants car prior to the collision and did not know what caused it to start spinning. Mr. Eidex moved for a directed verdict which was granted by the Court.

The case is Justenia Chambers, Jamaine Chambers & Paris Metcalf v. Miguel Gamez Venegas, State Court of Cobb County, CAFN: 18-A-2132-1