April 21, 2022 – Senior Associate Attorney Kevin James tried a case in the State Court of Dekalb County arising out of a rear end collision that occurred on January 8, 2019.   In the collision, The Plaintiff was operating a 2000 Chevrolet C2500 Suburban when he was rear ended by the Defendant, operating a 2012 Toyota Camry. Plaintiff alleged injures to both wrists and an annular tear in his lumbar spine as a result of the accident. The property damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle was minor and the cost of repair was estimated less than $500.

Plaintiff did not complain of injury at the scene of the accident and followed up for treatment with a chiropractic office four days post-accident, where he received chiropractic care and was referred for an MRI of his lumbar spine. Plaintiff continued his treatment with Grady Pain Management where he received pain management treatment, including a medial branch block and multiple injections.  Plaintiff’s pain management doctor testified at trial that the Plaintiffs’ injuries were related to the subject collision.   Mr. James retained a neuroradiologist to review the Plaintiff’s films and he testified in the defense case that the conditions allegedly suffered by Plaintiff were chronic and degenerative in nature and were not related to the collision.  Further he illustrated to the jury that pre accident and post accident MRIs of the lumbar spine were essentially identical and unchanged.

Plaintiff presented approximately $52,000 in past medical bills and asked the jury to award past pain and suffering dating back to February 24, 2017.  In addition, Plaintiff asked the jury to award  future pan and suffering and suggested a range of $20-$100 per day for at least a period of 5 years.  Mr. James asked the jury to return a defense verdict.

The jury deliberated for approximately 20 minutes and returned a defense verdict.

The case is Ron Evans v. Clarence Kilcrease

State Court of DeKalb County, Civil Action File No. 19A72679.