Attorney Jay Eidex Wins Defense Verdict in Fulton County

February 21, 2019 – Attorney Jay Eidex tried a case in Fulton County State Court in which the Plaintiff alleged over $13,000 in medical bills resulting from a rear-end collision that occurred on I-20. The Defendant was found to be at fault by he investigating police officer and was cited. It was the Plaintiff’s contention that she was rear-ended and suffered injuries to her neck and back. She further contended that she had a prior left knee injury that was aggravated by the collision.

The Defendant disputed fault at trial and contended that the Plaintiff caused the collision when she made a sudden lane change in front of the Defendant which caused the Plaintiff’s trailer hitch to damage the Defendant’s bumper. The defense also argued at trial that the Plaintiff was exaggerating the speed of the collision and the extent of injuries suffered by the Plaintiff.

The jury deliberated for 25 minutes and returned a verdict in favor of the Defendant.