Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Newton County in a case where the plaintiff alleged that she suffered a herniated disc in her neck and nerve injury resulting in a diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Though our client acknowledged responsibility for causing the subject accident, it was a minor rear-end impact with little damage inflicted to either vehicle. Paul presented evidence on behalf of our client at trial showing that the plaintiff had a prescription drug problem that led to her falling asleep at the kitchen table, thus causing the injury to her radial nerve that resulted in the diagnosis of RSD and palsy. Nevertheless, the plaintiff requested and was denied past medical expenses in excess of $140,000.00 and lost wages of $16,000.00, and future medical expenses of $20,000.00, with pain and suffering to equal at least the total amount of those damages.

Nikolai Makarenko, Jr., Esq. obtained a defense verdict after less than 3 hours of deliberation in Fulton County for our client in a case that was reported in the Fulton Daily Report. Our client crossed the center line to merge into a left turn lane a few vehicles ahead of hers when the plaintiff, traveling in the opposite direction, stopped and was rear-ended by a motorcycle. The pretrial settlement offer was $145,000.00, but the plaintiff was demanding $925,000.00. The plaintiff claimed that she had injured her neck and thereafter underwent a cervical fusion and discectomy. However, Nik was able to successfully show that the plaintiff’s complaints had been present for several years prior to the accident and did not result from the accident.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Gwinnett County for our client despite the fact that she admitted she was responsible for causing the accident. The plaintiff claimed that she suffered bilateral rotator cuff tears, as well as neck and back injuries, and requested $320,000.00 from the jury. However, the jury deliberated for only 1 hour before concluding that the plaintiff’s claimed injuries did not result from this minor impact accident.