Laura Danielle Johnson, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in Cherokee County, despite the fact that our client admitted that the accident was her fault. Our client bumped into the plaintiff’s vehicle, and despite the minimal impact, the plaintiff claimed past medical expenses in excess of $28,000.00. However, we were able to locate medical records dating back to 1993 showing that the plaintiff had complained of, and been treated for, the same neck and low back complaints each year since then, and Laura impeached the plaintiff with those records at trial. Though the plaintiff claimed that she had been symptom-free prior to the accident, the jury only deliberated for 1 hour before returning a defense verdict.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a defense verdict in DeKalb County for our client in a dog bite case. Our client, a 13-year old girl, was being pulled by her Rottweiler while she was on rollerblades, when the plaintiff, a 6-year old girl, came up and started petting the dog. After the plaintiff covered the dog’s eyes, she was either bitten or scratched in the face, requiring plastic surgery. Paul was able to convince the jury that the parents of both children were at fault for not properly supervising their children, and the jury returned a defense verdict accordingly.

Paul L. Groth, Esq. obtained a verdict for only $5,500.00 in Gwinnett County, despite the plaintiff having undergone 4 knee operations and a 3-level cervical fusion following the accident. Our client rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle going 45 miles per hour, resulting in extensive damage to both vehicles. However, the plaintiff did not complain of injury at the scene, and in fact, did not complain about her knee for several months after the accident. The plaintiff tried to claim that her knee hit the dashboard or ashtray in the accident, and despite having over $200,000.00 in past medical expenses, Paul was able to convince the jury to award the plaintiff only her initial medical treatment with her family doctor and limited physical therapy, which was the verdict that the jury returned.

Nikolai Makarenko, Jr., Esq. obtained a verdict for the exact amount of the pretrial settlement offer in Gwinnett County. Our client rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle as she was stopped at an intersection. The plaintiff claimed that she suffered a neck injury in that accident and sought to recover past medical expenses and lost wages in excess of $50,000.00. At mediation we offered the plaintiff $50,000.00, which was the exact amount of the jury’s verdict following only 90 minutes of deliberation because Nik was able to successfully argue that although the plaintiff was entitled to some amount for her injuries, she was not entitled to the amount she had requested at trial.